Clearwater, FL - October 26, 2021

LutiBand – Smart and Stylish Medical Alert System for Seniors with SOS Emergency 

Nowadays smartwatches in the market are not so smart as they don’t even have a smart feature that can call/notify 911 in case of an emergency. This is something most users expect in a smartwatch for seniors. The increasing lifespan of an average human being is growing pressure on the health care system worldwide. As humans get old, they naturally become the target to chronic diseases, physical and even cognitive impairments, which are often needed to be monitored all the time. 

With the help of tracking the health of an elder person using a senior alert watch, one can reduce the risk of hospitalization. Apart from this, an SOS smartwatch for the elderly offers conveniences, but getting used to it in the starting might seem a little daunting. Today, we will show how a smartwatch will help elders keep themselves healthy and provide them with the medical care they need. 

Basics Smartwatch

A smartwatch designed by LutiBand is more than just a smartwatch with all its gimmicks. It also works as an SOS watch for elderly. As a result, if a person presses the button for 3 seconds, the SOS will be automatically sent to the nearest emergency responders along with the location of the person. In the initial phase, this service is only available in the USA, but soon it is going to be launched all over the globe. 

In addition to this, the smartwatch made by LutiBand comes with a pre-installed sim card with 4G LTE support. This will give the wearer of the watch a clear sound when someone is calling them. On the other hand, it will also help responders track down the person’s live location from whom SOS is sent. 

Benefits Of Using LutiBand’s Smartwatch

We know smartwatches are now coming in every shape and size. They come with different functions and can even track your heart rate to answer phone calls. For some people, it has become necessary in the modern world. Given below, we have pointed out some of the significant advantages that an elder citizen who wears a smartwatch can enjoy. 

1. Calendar Management & Alerts 

An elder has a lot of things to do, and they have to meet their grandchildren, need to visit their doctor, take their medications and do lots of other things. But with age, the memory starts to fade, and the brain forgets things that need to be done. With a smartphone, older adults can easily set up alerts and get notified about the things they have to do throughout the day. 

2. Fall Sensors

According to the research done by the NHS, more than a third of elders over 65 fall every year. A fall is something that is too dangerous for their bodies leading to 9,000 deaths each year in the UK. With severe injuries and a lack of medical assistance, the fall becomes fatal. The LutiBand could be a lifesaver here with the fall sensor and SOS automation. It will send the emergency signal to the responders, and they will come to the location in no time to give the person first aid. 

3. Answering To Messages

Loneliness has become a significant problem in adults in the age of technology. This isolation could be dangerous and is deterring both mental and physical health. With  this smartwatch for elders, a user can alleviate some of these issues. A smartwatch will allow elders to respond to calls and the messages from their wrist getting up and reaching for their smartphones. 

4. GPS Tracking

We all know how elders are and how they go out and wander off, making others feel tense about them. Now with smartwatches, one always has the location of their loved ones and can get in touch with them even if they are not carrying a phone with them. In addition to this, a GPS will also help older people know the directions and get back to their home or to a new store they are searching for. 

5. Measuring Exercise Routine

It is easy for many people to let their golden years pass by, but it has been scientifically proven that elders need to be active. Regular exercise like brisk walking or a 10-minute session will keep their heart in a healthy condition. This, along with health monitoring, is the core concept of the first smartwatches that were released commercially. 

6. Sleek Design

There is no use of a watch if it can’t sit comfortably on the wearer’s wrist. The LuiBand is made from top of the line material which makes this smartwatch so lightweight that it doesn’t feel like it’s on the wrist at all. Apart from this, there are multiple wrist bands which can be used with this smartwatch and one can wear them according to their style. As a result, an elder will love to wear this smartwatch instead of bulky and ugly medical alert devices. 

Wrapping It Up

Well, the alert watch for seniors by LutiBand is something that makes both the senior citizens and their loved ones feel safe. Yes, there is a long way to go for its mass acceptance. But this technology is going to reshape the senior care industry like never before. We want you to take care of a few things to make it easier for the seniors to understand the working of the smartwatch they are wearing. 

Keep your seniors educated about the latest trends in technology and give them first-hand experience of it if possible. Also, teach them and make them understand all the features of the smartwatch they will wear. A smartwatch will be of no use if the wearer doesn’t use its potential to the fullest. 

Lastly, you need to give seniors the confidence of wearing a smartwatch; often, seniors don’t want to contact technology. A person needs to educate them about the benefits of a smartwatch and how it will help them in medical assistance.